Top 10 Youtube Channels on Gender and STEM Topics

1. CharliMarieTV: Charli – Charli is a graphic and web designer who lives in London. She works as a marketing designer for a remote tech company. She makes videos about design concepts and tools while giving her viewers motivation to uniquely design things for themselves.

2. Alex Dainis – Alex Dainis is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University. She has a YouTube channel motivated by her passion for genetics. Her channel consists of interviews with other scientists, simplifications and explanations of theories and mysteries in the science world, and offers a look into what it is like to be a STEM graduate student.

3. msbeautyphile: Trina – This is a YouTube web series focused on demystifying beauty, cosmetics, and personal care products that are used in our everyday lives. Trina answers the questions we all have, ranging from why there is salt in our shampoo to what beauty products will work based on their chemical makeup. She is the solution to the science of beauty products!

4. Draw Curiosity: Inés Dawson – Draw Curiosity is a science-based YouTube channel. The host of Draw Curiosity is Inés Dawson, a Ph.D. student at the University of Oxford. She is currently studying the biomechanics of insects. The videos are a way to teach, while entertaining, about science and language. Her goal is to peak your science curiosity by commenting on present phenomena that sometimes go unnoticed in our everyday lives. She uses biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, and psychology to explain concepts in which we are all curious.

5. Simone Giertz – Simone Giertz is a Swedish inventor! This robotics enthusiast has made a name for herself and currently has 2.13 million subscribers on YouTube. She is a go-getter, as shown in her TRUCKLA video, where she transforms a basic Tesla into a pickup truck before Tesla could. She survived a brain tumor and has made her mark around the world known as the “Queen of Shitty Robots”.

6. Coding Blonde: Masha – Coding Blonde is a YouTube channel run by a woman named Masha. She is an entrepreneur, content designer, and teacher who likes to prove stereotypes wrong. The reason for Coding Blonde’s channel is to give women in tech the confidence to thrive in life, without relying on others. Her channel consists of inspiration, advice for current and future gender minorities in STEM, posts on her personal development, and solidarity from a group of women subscribers who are facing similar challenges to Masha.

7. Girl Knows Tech: Marie-Philippe – Marie-Philippe is a software engineering student who lives in Montreal, Canada. She has a blog called Girl Knows Tech, in which she is very active. She is a native French speaker, but her videos and blog posts are in English. She created this channel because she wanted to inspire other females to get into STEM and tech. She knows many women are scared of math and men and wants to show people that women can also be powerful and respected in the tech world! Marie feels that if something cannot be simply explained, then the teacher does not know it well enough, which is why she wants to make her viewers experts.

8. blondiebytes: Kathryn Hodge – Kathryn Hodge runs the YouTube channel bloniebytes. Her goal is to provide technical programming tutorials for people wanting to learn how to code. Kathryn currently works with Comcast NBCUniversal as a Software Developer in the MediaTech program, but still has time to upload videos and challenges to her YouTube page. She has created several courses, including her 30 Days of Code initiative with the startup HackRank, bringing over 5 million submissions to their site.

9. Physics Girl: Dianna Cowern – Dianna Cowern is the host of her YouTube Channel “Physics Girl,” part of PBS Digital Studios. Her channel works on uncovering many physical phenomena, digging into physical sciences with experiments and demonstrations, leading to new discoveries. Dianna has a passion for teaching and inspiring science and education for girls and minorities. With more than 1.3 million subscribers, she earned a position on Forbes 30 under 30. 

10. Vihart – Victoria Hart – Victoria Hart is a self-described “recreational mathemusician” who is well known for creating mathematical videos. Hart founded the virtual reality research group eleVIR and has co-authored several research papers on computational geometry and the mathematics of paper 


Academic Opportunities

Check out a these Academic Opportunities our Newcomb Institute Technology Interns have curated for women in STEM. These opportunities include Scholarships, Tulane University Resources, Conference and Networking Opportunities, and Courses/Certifications.


  • NOAA Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship
    • WHO: masters and doctorate female graduate students studying the environmental sciences
    • WHAT: scholarship
    • WHEN: application opens in October
    • HOW: academical excellence, letters of recommendations, research and career goals, financial need
  • The Science Ambassador Program
    • WHO: Undergraduate women in STEM
    • WHAT: full tuition scholarship or $1000-$2500 scholarship
    • WHEN: applications open in the fall
    • HOW: 3 minute video on STEM topic
  • Society of Women Engineers Note: $20 membership fee for college students
    • WHO: women studying engineering, technology, or computing
    • WHAT: 260 new and renewed scholarships valued at over $810,000 (2019)
    • WHEN: sophomores through graduate students; applications open in December, freshman; applications open in March
    • HOW: Submit one application to be considered for all eligible scholarships, faculty reference and personal reference
  • Women Techmakers  (formally Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program) 
    • WHO: Computer science majors (or other closely related technical field)
    • WHAT: $10,000 award plus an invitation to the Google Scholars Retreat and access to a well-connected network of past participants
    • WHEN: applications open in the fall
    • HOW: general background info, academic transcript, resume, reference letter, 4 essays
  • BHW Scholarship
    • WHO: women pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics
    • WHAT: $3000 award
    • WHEN: applications open in January
    • HOW: 500-800 word essay- see topics on website
  • Visionary Integration Professional’s Women in Technology Scholarships
    • WHO: women pursuing a career in computer science, information technology (IT), management information systems, or other related discipline
    • WHAT: Multiple scholarships of up to $2,500
    • WHEN: applications open in January
    • HOW: Application judged based on academic performance, applicant summary and essay response, community service and extracurricular activities, leadership experience and qualities
  • The Heinlein Society
    • WHO: full time undergraduate student with a major in any of the following: Engineering, Math, or Biological or Physical Sciences, or Science Fiction as Literature
      • Virginia Heinlein Memorial Scholarship– dedicated specifically to female candidates
    • WHAT: three $2,500 awards
    • WHEN: applications open in January
    • HOW: complete application form, short response on your background and career goals, 500-1000 word essay – see topics on website
  • Society of Automotive Engineers Women Engineers Scholarships
    • WHO: Undergraduate or graduate pursuing engineering
    • WHAT: varying scholarships based on grade
    • WHEN: applications open in January
    • HOW: varying
  • AFCEA STEM Major Scholarships
    • WHO: Sophomores and juniors majoring in field related to mission of AFCEA (most STEM majors- check website to verify)
    • WHAT: Multiple scholarships ranging from $2,500-$5,000
    • WHEN: applications open in January
    • HOW: application, transcript, at least 2 recommendation letters
  • AAUW Selected Professions Fellowships
    • WHO: Graduate women intending to pursue full-time degree program in a field where women are underrepresented
    • WHAT: $5000-$18000
    • WHEN: applications open in August
    • HOW: Eligibility quiz, three recommendations, transcript, resume
  • Alpha Omega Epsilon National Foundation: Engineering and Technical Science Achievement Scholarship
    • WHO: Women undergraduates majoring in engineering or technical science
    • WHAT: $500-$1000
    • WHEN: applications open in the fall
    • HOW: 3.0 minimum GPA
  • Influenster
    • WHO: Female undergraduates or graduates in a technical field of study
    • WHAT: $1000
    • WHEN: applications open in the fall
    • HOW: essay

Tulane University Resources

Conferences and Networking Opportunities


  • Coursera course: make a free account to begin exploring courses designed by universities across the world. All these courses are 100% online and most can be audited for free or with a small fee, you can get a certificate in the course to put on your LinkedIn or discuss on a cover letter. There are courses in computer science, data science, information technology, health, math and logic, personal development, and the list goes on.
  • Harvard University: Here you can find completely free online courses designed by Harvard University on data science, computer science, health, neuroscience, mathematics, biochemistry, and more.
  • Udemy: Udemy provides courses by professional experts on any topic you’re looking to learn more about at very low cost, with many courses being provided for free.
  • Online Ivy Leagues: A list of ivy league courses that can be audited for free.